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AASA Committees
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Volunteers are the foundation of the Association of Academic Surgical Administrators. New this year-AASA Committee self-nominations will be done completely electronically. The committee purpose and expectations are provided below. Committee Member terms are one year and run November through November to align with the AASA Annual Conference. Our goal is to ensure that the right members find the right opportunities to engage in a meaningful way with AASA! For more information on AASA Committee Structure and the role of Committee Chair click here

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 Strategic Planning

Self-nominations are no longer being accepted through the online registration form. If you are interested in serving on one the committees and did not complete the form please contact the AASA office at

Bylaws Committee
Adhoc Committee 2018-2019

PurposeRecommend changes to by-laws to demonstrate organization changes and to provide nimble structure to future organization success

Chair: Secretary, Shaun Hernandez

Member Expectations: 

  • Review by-laws and provide recommendations for revisions
  • Present to board during January board meeting
  • Support board in education/communications to membership prior to voting process in October

Meeting Frequency:

  • November-January; 10 hours/month
  • February- October; 1-2 hours/month

Communications Committee

Purpose: Create and maintain ongoing communications plan. Execute feedback and vision for website 
needs and social media. Plan and execute the Cutting Edge Newsletter. Enhance the Online Member Toolkit.

Chair: Bess Wildman

Member Expectations:

  • Actively participate in meetings
  • Provide insight on the communications   plan and website
  • Actively participate in web and social media platforms personally and encourage other members participating
  • Write or facilitate writing of one article/piece for a newsletter edition
  • Actively participate in generating member tool kit content aligned with education and communications  plan

Meeting Frquency: 

  • 1st Quarter; Monthly January-October
  • Quarterly Meetings; 1-2 hours/month

Education Committee
Again this year the Education Committee will be broken into Subcommittees

Subcommittee: Education Plan

Purpose: Create and maintain ongoing education plan to meet member and organization needs.

Chair: Christal Moore

Member Expectations:

  • Actively participate in 10+ meetings
  • Provide insight for education plan
  • Provide feedback across year for educational content
  • Review surveys and represent member input

Meeting Frequency:

  • 1st Quarter: Frequent to establish plan
  • January-October: Quarterly/as needed
  • 3-5 hours/month

Subcommittee: Annual Conference

Purpose: Plan content and logistics for annual conference in conjunction with ACS meeting structure.

ChairsEducation Chair, Christal Moore and Education Co-Chair,

Member Expectations:

  • Actively participate in monthly planning meetings and invest time/thought planning outside of calls for subcommittee objectives (ex. Celia King, Poster Presentations, Hospitality, Pre-Conference Session, etc)
  • Arrive at the annual conference 1 day prior to start
  • Network with members and actively engage new attendees during the annual meeting

Meeting Frequency:

  • Monthly Conference Calls
  •  Meetings with sub-committee week outside of calls
  •  2-3 hours/month

Subcommittee: Midyear Retreats

PurposePlan and execute regional retreats.

ChairsRegional Representatives,
             Regional Representatives,

Member Expectations:

  • Actively participate in planning of retreat content, speakers and other logistics ensuring aligns with annual education plan
  • Support planning around the midyear retreat
  • Network with members and actively engage new attendees during the retreat
Meeting Frequency:
  • January and month of meeting:4-5 hours/month

Subcommittee: Webinars

PurposePlan and execute webinars 

ChairsVice President,

Member Expectations:

  • Actively participate in 4 planning meetings to carry out education plan through webinar platform
  • Plan and execute webinar per committee member
  • Actively participate in webinars
  • Market webinars by encouraging other members and those in your network

Meeting Frequency:

  • Quarterly planning meetings
  • Webinars across year; 1-2 hours/month

Subcommittee: Professional Development

Purpose: Plan and execute professional development training including but not limited to Annual Conference Sunday morning workshop

ChairVice President,

Member Expectations:

  • Actively participate in planning and executing professional development training for members
  • Attend majority of training sessions and encourage other members to participate
  • Hear member feedback for planning of future sessions
Meeting Frequency:
  • Monthly Meetings; 2-3 hours/month

Subcommittee: Member Toolkit

Purpose: Ensure online member toolkit meets members needs.

ChairPast President, Megan Berlinger

Member Expectations:

  • Actively participate in generating member tool kit content aligned with education and communications plan
  • Evaluate categories and content to identify gap opportunities aligned with member needs as identified in education plan 
  • Share or facilitate addition of 1-5 pieces to add to the member toolkit
  • Market member toolkit by encouraging other members in your network and hear their feedback of additional needs
Meeting Frequency:
  • Quarterly Meetings; 1 hour/month

Finance Committee

Purpose: Provide recommendations regarding financial position and decisions of organization.

Chair: Treasurer,

Member Expectations:

  • Review budget and provide recommendations to board
  • Provide feedback to board regarding financial position and decisions

Meeting Frequency:

  • Quarterly Meetings (Conference Calls)
  •  1-2 hours/quarter

Membership Committee

Purpose: Provide recommendations to board and execute ideas that will grow and retain membership within AASA.


Member Expectations:

  • Identify targets for new members and execute recruitment strategies
  • Identify and execute plans for member retention and engagement

Meeting Frequency:

  • Monthly Conference Calls
  • 2-3 hours/month

Sponsorship Committee

Purpose: Build relationships with sponsors for value added partnerships including integration of sponsors into the annual educational opportunities.

Chair: Vice President Designee, TBD

Member Expectations:

  •  Actively participate in building relationship with 1+ sponsor assigned 
  • Actively participate in generating new sponsors 
  • Feedback to committee on sponsor education opportunities that align with education plan

Meeting Frequency:

  • Monthly Conference Call Meetings between January and June
  • 1-3 hours/month

Strategic Planning Committee

Purpose: Provide perspective to board to ensure the organization’s strategic plan continues to serve members both today and in the future.

Chair: Secretary, Shaun Hernandez and President, Megan Berlinger

Member Expectations:

  • Review and recommend any changes to board regarding current strategic planning documents to support success toward mission and vision
  • Generate forward thinking ideas and present to board to ensure organization continues to meet member needs both current and in the future

Meeting Frequency:

  •  Monthly Conference Call Meetings
  • 1-2 hours/month


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