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“Alexa”… AASA Appreciates Your Direct Feedback
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“Alexa”… AASA Appreciates Your Direct Feedback

"Alexa, weather today?"  "Alexa, pandora"  "Alexa, UNC basketball score"

When our family first got our "Alexa" "she" did not respond well to my commands.  It was not the southern accent or voice volume.  It was simply I was not being direct.  I tried to say, "Alexa, can you please play our last pandora station?"  It was too much.  I have learned over time how to achieve the commands.  I now have my daily briefing set up just right.  "Alexa" shares a high level update across the world (including sports, Harvard Business, news, daily devotion and even a joke) by the time I can make coffee, pack lunches and start breakfast.  All I have to say is "Alexa daily briefing".

How does this apply to AASA?  It is the direct piece.  Many of us know each other well enough over the years in AASA to provide direct feedback.  This is evident in the surveys we have sent over the years.  We, like "Alexa" respond well to your direct answers.  When you see future surveys from AASA we continue to request and appreciate your direct feedback.  A few ways you can provide feedback this spring: 

  • Annual Education Planning RFP: Submit speakers for our annual conference and other educational event here. If you don't have a speaker in mind yet can provide us a topic you would like to be included submit as much information as you can provide.\
  • Post Event Feedback: We send all attendees a survey for feedback after every event.  We want your candid feedback from our spring midyear retreats. 
  • Webinars: included in each webinar post event survey is a question that asks for future webinar topics.

The survey format helps us operate efficiently as an association.  However, if the forms/structure does not fit how you would like to provide feedback please find another way.  Email McKenna Management.  Email your regional representative or email me as your president this year.  

Direct feedback is a blessing in our professional worlds.  I will continue to include "Please/Thank You" in my direct conversations... except with "Alexa".

Beyond feedback there are many ways to get involved in AASA.  Reach out to your regional rep and look on our website for midyear retreat, book club, forums, and more.  


Megan Berlinger, MHA is Business Administrator at Wake Forest University Health Sciences. Megan is the President of AASA and has been an active member since 2011.

Email with any questions related to this blog or other areas of the organization.

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