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Goals and Accomplishments
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The AASA serves its membership of university-based and other academic surgical professionals by meeting the following objectives:

  • To promote the leadership capabilities and visibility of academic surgical administrators; 
  • To present focused educational programs in order to share the knowledge of issues and practices specific to surgical administration; 
  • To gather and disseminate useful information which is relevant to academic surgical administration; 
  • To provide ongoing opportunities for networking and sharing of ideas, common problems and solutions among colleagues in academic surgical administration; 
  • To facilitate optimal job performance by surgical administrators; 
  • To interact with other related professional associations to further promote the objectives of AASA, as well as the surgical administrative perspective on issues common to academic medical centers; 
  • To maintain a vital professional organization with an active membership through controlled growth and continuing opportunities for member involvement in AASA programs and initiatives; 
  • To maintain a sound financial structure to fund new programs and/or special projects as identified by the Executive Board and/or the general membership.



As a service organization, our goals are aligned with your professional needs and are based on feedback directly from you. This year we are focusing our efforts first and foremost on providing relevant face-to-face and online content in unique environments to offer members multiple opportunities to participate and engage. In addition, we endeavor to streamline and improve our communication both in its timeliness and effectiveness. Correspondingly, we want to improve our online functionality through the reorganization of our website. And lastly, we would like to enhance our partnership with our corporate sponsors—providing them greater value for their support and increasing the benefit they can provide our members. 

Through the goals stated above, as well as others, we will continually strive to keep you actively engaged in the AASA to ensure you get the most out of your membership!

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