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Sunday Morning Reflections & AASA Opportunities
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Sunday Morning Reflections & AASA Opportunities

Sunday mornings are my time to journal, read, recap and prepare prior to my family waking up.  I enjoy the quiet of the morning prior to the busy day and week ahead.  In reflecting on AASA this morning I am thankful for all of our current opportunities and the members leading them.  It helped me personally to summarize these so I am passing along the below Top Ten (in no particular order) in case it helps you too.  Including in parentheses the AASA member leading each opportunity.

  1. Compensation Survey: 43% to goal for completion.  Invest 5 minutes (or less) to                                    © Creative Commons Zero (CC0)   
    help meet goal to provide this resource for you and all our members!  Past comp surveys can be found in our member toolkit.  
    (Shaun Hernandez)
  2.  Book Club: This Thursday March 16th at 12 Noon EST: VERY QUICK READ... will be great discussion!  (Mary Marshall & Rebecca Napier)
  3. Speaker RFP: Submissions will be considered for education offerings all year (not only our annual meeting).  The RFP links back to your goals and interests that you shared with us in the October 2017 goal survey.  (Colbey Walker & Christal Moore)
  4.  Midyear Retreats: Our regional representatives are planning powerful retreats for us this spring.  In addition there will be a dinner the night before.  If you have not attended a retreat in the past please consider.  Let your regional rep or me know as we can help introduce you to other members. 
  5. Cutting Edge: Recent Edition (Bess Wildman)
  6. Save the date Annual Meeting: October 21-23 in Boston, MA 
    This week we discussed with Dr. McMasters the joint session with the Surgical Chairs.  You can expect strong content on timely issues and the networking will be tremendous.   (Colbey Walker & Christal Moore)
  7. Networking Opportunities: Beyond networking at our educational opportunities this spring, we are launching online forums.  Also consider sending emails or calling AASA Collegues.  The "Call a Friend" feature of AASA has helped me many times in my career.  My cell is 336-416-2964.  Feel free to text or call with AASA ideas/questions or to connect on surgery related inquiries. 
  8. Social Media: Like/Follow AASA on Twitter and Facebook.  You can do this from the top right of our home page ( ) or you can search for us. (Twitter: @AASA1org & Facebook: @surgicaladmins) (Bess Wildman)
  9.   Member Renewals: If you have not yet renewed your membership login to the homepage ( and renew today so you can take advantage of these opportunities.  (Veronica Getz)  There is a website help page that can help you navigate renewals and other website functionality. 
  10. General Questions & Committee Membership: To join a committee or for general questions email our executive director, Renee Russo.

Since Sunday activities help us all build further resiliency for our roles in our AMCs and for our families/friends, I will leave you with this quote...

"You can't change the ocean or the weather, no matter how hard you try, so it's best to learn how to sail in all conditions."

Happy Sunday to you all! 

Megan Berlinger
AASA President

Megan Berlinger, MHA is Business Administrator at Wake Forest University Health Sciences. Megan is the President of AASA and has been an active member since 2011.

Email with any questions related to this blog or other areas of the organization.  

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