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Reconnecting with AASA
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Reconnecting with AASA


Three years ago, I felt very disconnected from AASA.  My father-in-law passed away the night before I was to travel to AASA Annual Meeting.  I quickly shifted plans and traveled to Connecticut the next morning instead of Chicago.  My focus for the next two months was helping my husband with both logistics in Connecticut and moving my mother-in-law to North Carolina.  Fast forward six months and I realized I felt very disconnected from AASA.  The traditional educational programming was continuing yet I was not plugged in whatsoever.  


The thought that "everyone is going through something" rings true in life.  While you may have not have had a family death or illness impact your AASA involvement, you may have had a new baby in your family, transition at work, geographic change, or simply life was busy.  Either way you may have been like me in the past or you may be in this place right now this year.  Reentry is not always easy.  However, once I reconnected with AASA I was quickly reminded of the strengths of the organization in education programming and networking.   


I approached re-entry similar to when I am trying to get back in shape.  If I sign up for a running race I will usually start running more consistently.  By the time the race weekend is here I am in better shape.  For AASA I signed up for a regional retreat in Florida.  After the regional retreat I was reconnected and decided to run for Vice President that spring.  Your reentry may not look quite like mine.  However, my hope is that you sign up for a regional retreat this spring, read the Cutting Edge, reach out to another member, participate in one of our new forums, and/or mark your calendar for our Annual Conference in Boston (October 21-23).


If you still have limited time due to life, yet want to reconnect please reach out to a board member.  We can help you customize your AASA experience to be personalized to meet your needs.  We can share committee opportunities that are less time intensive.  We can help connect you with content and other members around a key issue you are facing in your organization. 


AASA has a lot to offer to its members and our member participation further strengthens our organization.  If you feel disconnected, plan your reentry.  It may be simply signing up for your next race! 


Click here to Register for Spring Midyear Retreats.

Megan Berlinger, MHA is Business Administrator at Wake Forest University Health Sciences. Megan is the President of AASA and has been an active member since 2011.

Email with any questions related to this blog or other areas of the organization.   

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